Possible Moyes replacements

With Moyes finally leaving the club here are some names circling around to take the United job. (Odds from Paddy Power)


Louis Van Gaal: At 9/4 to be the next United manager he seems to be the most likely. He has already said that he will retire unless he gets a job opportunity in the Premier League and he has already been linked with Tottenham. However, after taking a while to decide on where he will go it makes me think that he would prefer United over Tottenham. He is also supposedly going to make the decision on his future this week. In my opinion Van Gaal would be one of the best options as he would come in for 3 or 4 seasons sort out the problems that Moyes made and probably win a trophy or two, so what is wrong with that when he would leave the club in a good state for someone else to take over? Van Gaal is also dutch and so could possibly bring Rene back and Strootman in who is a box to box midfielder we could do with. He has also got a winning mentality, experience and has won many trophies including the Champions League, La Liga and the Bundesliga. If Van Gaal came in, I would have to think that Rooney would be his biggest problem, as I believe that he would make Van Persie captain and he would want to drop Rooney deeper or even drop him.

Jurgen Klopp: At 5/1 Klopp also seems to be a likely replacement and to me he seems to be the fans’ favourite. Klopp would be another great option as he is likeable, can play attractive attacking football and can get the best out of his players. Although he loves Dortmund, it seems that with a big exodus of players he would be ready to take up a new challenge at United. He would also probably bring in Reus and Hummels who are two top players and he would love to be reunited with Kagawa.

Diego Simeone: 16/1 – Simeone is similar to Klopp as he plays attractive football and can get the best out of players and youth, but, although I would like to see him be United manager, the problem is that he doesn’t speak very good english.

Pep Guardiola: 20/1 – Pep would be another great option as he also plays attractive attacking football and has won many trophies, but sadly I can’t see him leaving Bayern now unless he has a big falling out with people above him.

Carlo Ancelotti: 25/1 – He seems to be another popular option for the fans but he wouldn’t be my first option. At Madrid he knows how to best play his players and therefore he plays beautiful counter attacking football with pace but I just can’t see him leaving Madrid now and I would prefer either Van Gaal or Klopp instead.

Roberto Martinez: 25/1 – Every Everton game I have watched this season I have grown to admire Martinez more and more. He plays a great style of attacking football which allowed him to hammer Arsenal for example. Against us he completely outclassed Moyes in terms of tactics as he knew that Moyes would be defensive, so he played attacking football which led to Everton creating far more chances than we did. The Everton players all seem to respect him as well. However, with Everton challenging for Champions League football I can’t see him coming to United especially as it would be too much of a risk for the United board.

If it was up to me the main candidates would be Van Gaal, Klopp and Martinez but I think the job will end up going to Van Gaal. Who would you take on and who do you think will become the next Manchester United manager?

Thank you for reading!


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